Magmata Records Presents:

The Feelings Hijackers - SupeRecord

Produced by: Chris Ballew
Written by: Chris Ballew and Outtasite
©2011 Aurora Elephant Music (ASCAP) / Going Going Gone (ASCAP)

Distributed by: Magmata Records

The Feelings Hijackers are back with a massive release. SupeRecord, essentially a double-album contains 21 tracks including several re-mastered fan favorites. Their unique blend of hybridized funk, rock, and hip-hop elements is unparalleled in scope, and unrivaled in its perspective. Chris Ballew (Presidents of the USA) brings his original production skills to the table in a major way, with such skill and finesse, it is truely a masterwork. Outtasite's flow is poigniant, relevant, and sometimes outlandish, together with Chris, generating tracks that leap through your headphones, and literally get stuck in your skull for days. For the fans, this is a release that will resonate, absolutely. And if you've never heard of this incredible duo and thier collaboration, well, the album speaks for itself. From the rafters. And sometimes in your Face. With a megaphone.

The Feelings Hijackers have found a new home at Magmata Records, and we are proud to support this incredibly dynamic collaboration between PUSA frontman, Chris Ballew and Outtasite.

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